Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From My House to Theirs

Tuesday, January 7, 2014...Cold, cold, cold.. We've become a nation of Popsicles. So what do you do if you are me? Make a quilt, of course! I'd promised a gift to my neighbors recently back from a post holiday visit.  Didn't give it a lot of thought, but I knew I'd make it from my own hands. I was catching up with their daughter who gifted me earlier in December with a wreath for my front door. So this is a belated reciprocation. I went through my stash of nifty fabric bundles--any excuse. I must have hundreds of old fabrics in boxes and drawers or stacked in my closet; mostly from vintage clothing that I like to recycle. I never dared count the actual number. (If you count, you have the responsibility to clear some out.) They are what paints are to a painter, beads are to a beader or nails to a carpenter. No, you can't have enough of them. Plaids made the perfect roof and brick walls; a splotchy beige for doors and windows. I always cut out greenery for scenery, and an orange peppermint stripe for walkways and window trim. It all came together fairly quickly and gave me just the creative jolt I needed to take me out of this day's winter doldrums. Never mind that the gift is late...It turned out nicely and I hope it will be an addition to their decor for years to come. My neighbor's daughter's eyes lit up with joy when she saw the wall hanging.  "Mommy, it's our house!" 

And so it is. From my house to their house.

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