Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kids! Make the Most Amazing Art!

True story....a young man in my quilting class, came up to me after a session and said, "I really like your class. Wish I could you buy you a slice of pizza." Then he drew one for me on the chalk board. I took the eraser and wiped off  half of it. "Thanks! That was good!" I said. 

It's not the teacher that makes the class, but the students. Every class is different. In sound. In texture. In intent. But the students, no matter what their demographics and circumstances, make the class what it is. Some students come along through the creative process willingly; some kicking and screaming. But once they "get it" the art happens quite naturally. I invite you to enjoy this picture taken from a class I did at a local elementary school. The project was "His story, Her Story...What's YOUR story." As you can see, the kids produced wonderful fiber art story panels. Heres to children and art. It takes a child to raise a village!


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Keeping Up with the ARTes

Often, when you are creating art, you barely have time to think of it once it's done, let alone record it. Take this installation that I did at Sweetwater in Sewickely, PA last year. I was proud of it, but I never took a single picture. Fortunately for me, curator Elizabeth Ashe Douglas did. Elizabeth challenged me on this one. "Fill in those awkward spaces with something beautiful," was her mandate. It did not come naturally at first, and then so naturally, I was to wonder why it never occurred to me to try an installation before. To date, I consider it one of my finest artistic efforts. The installation is based on my interest in "cause and effect" and artistic portayals in a similar vein--like the work of Rube Goldberg.  You see, art can come not only of your own will, but the will of others who can spot your potential better than you can see it in yourself. Ms. Douglas, a nationally known artist and performer continues to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to me.