Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sticks and Stones Make Great Art

Does that phrase give my age away? Maybe, but I'm also going to be giving away lots of great things: humorous stories, invites, fun facts and art info you might not get anywhere else. Here is a sample of my work via photo taken by Susan Constanse, my friend and studio mate in a rag-tag, but awesome warehouse deep in urban Pittsburgh not far from our downtown. This piece was in a Women of Vision's Show, a group of terrific artists who just happen to be the same gender. I also belong to other orgainzations (get that from my profile, if you must), but mostly I just do what I do, because I love art and can't throw anything away. It was during a residency at Construction Junction, that I became completely addicted to junk, recyling and green artistry.

My mission-- if you want to call it that-- is just to talk about art, meet artists, and to inspire and be inspired. Let's talk...let's write!

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